Nkolola songs : a literary of initiation songs fo the Tonga people of Southern Zambia

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Nkwilimba, Mapanza Hakanyinza
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This dissertation discusses Nkolola songs of the Tonga people of Southern Zambia. The first chapter is an introduction. It spells out the aim and the scope of the study, and the research methods used. It also gives some literature available on similar works to Nkolola songs, and a brief geographical, social, and economic account of the Tonga people who are the producers of the material under study. In the second chapter, the social context of Nkolola is discussed. This covers its arrangement, stages, and participation. Both the present and past form of the Nkolola are discussed. The third chapter is a literary analysis/of the songs. The 'oral' and the 'literary' of Nkolola songs are discussed here. These include the songs' composition and. performance. Under the latter the performer as a poet, the song as a poem and the audiences are discussed^- There is an examihation of some stylistic devices used in Nkolola songs like imagery, metaphor, eulogue and allusion. An attempt to examine some musical aspects of Nkolola songs has been made too. The fourth chapter is conclusion. It points out that the dissertation has established the social context of Nkolola songs. It also confirms that investigation of the poetry in the songs has been made.
Initiation(songs)--Nkolola--Tonga--Zambia , Songs--Tonga--Zambia