Effects of the subject integrated curriculum in basic colleges of education on quality education: The Case of Solwezi College of education

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Santambo, Judith
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The study was a case study that sought to establish the effects of the subject integrated curriculum at Solwezi College of Education on Quality Education. Questionnaires, focus group discussion guide, interview guide and observation guides were used to collect data from 100 respondents. The study revealed some of the following effects of the Subject Integrated Curriculum on Quality Education, at Solwezi College of Education: Learner centered methodologies helped students to acquire the necessary basic knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and methodologies required for effective teaching. The integrative teaching and assessment resulted in students’ good performance as students’ strength and weaknesses in different contributory subjects were complemented. However, there was insufficient coverage of syllabuses in study areas that had too many contributory subjects. The study area concept and operation of the curriculum inhibited practical study areas from conducting comprehensive, consecutive practical lessons due to inadequate time, leading to students graduating with more basic theories but limited practical skills. Some lecturers belonging to study areas where it was mandatory to deliver the whole integrated syllabus contents despite not having professional background training in all failed to holistically impart the needed contents into trainee students. Grouping of unrelated contributory subjects into same study areas led to discrete coverage of contents of contributory subjects within study areas, leading to students failing to learn subject integration at training level. The format of the subject integrated curriculum of Solwezi College did not match with that of the Lower/Middle Basic Schools. One of the major recommendations that the study made was that, MOE should re- classify study areas by only grouping related contributory subjects together, to enhance realistic coverage of study area syllabuses and effective subject integration within study areas.
Educational sociology--Study and teaching--Zambia , Education,Curricula--Solwezi--Zambia