An investigation on mobile banking adoption in the Zambian banking industry: a case of Indo-Zambia bank.

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Piliwe, Christopher
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The University of Zambia
Mobile phones have grown into a tool for everyday use and this creates a chance for the evolution of banking services. The study investigated factors that influence the adoption of mobile banking adoption among bank customers in Zambia, with specific focus on Indo-Zambia Bank and a special focus on awareness, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. The research model includes the original variables of extended technology acceptance model (TAM2). The results from the study revealed that, awareness, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use had some level of significant effect on consumer intention to adopt mobile banking services provided by Indo-Zambia Bank. It was, therefore, recommended that banks in Zambia embark on massive awareness campaigns to capture the attention of customers and in order to build customer’s confidence in mobile banking. Equally, banks should also endeavor to regularly update their mobile banking service to ensure that the service remains relevant and ease to use.
Thesis of Master of Business Administration degree in Management Strategy.