Poverty in the Midst of Abundance: The case of Fishermen Of Samfya District,1935-1970

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Chilonge, Joshua
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Fishing was one of the oldest and lifelong human activities which did not only attract high population densities, but was also used, in certain areas, as an alternative source of income and food security. Fish contributed to the development of trade between the riverine communities, which caught fish and agricultural communities which grew crops. This study appreciated the strategic importance of the Bangweulu Fishery and its contribution to the economy of Samfya District from 1935 to 1970. The study analysed the lifestyle of the fishermen and how their dependence on fishing as the only source of livelihood led to overexploitation of the Bangweulu fishery. The study further looked at how some primary and secondary colonial and post colonial fishing regulations affected the fishermen and their industry in Samfya District. The study noted how increased fishing activities in the Bangweulu fishery drastically reduced fish catches per fisherman, and how consequently, the dependence on fishing alone made it difficult for most fishermen to make a meaningful living
Fishery Conservation , Fisheries