Factors contributing to pupils’ poor performance in literature in english.

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Mubita, Eddie Sing’alamba
Mwanza, David Sani
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International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE)
Literature in English is a beneficial subject to learners who take it. Unfortunately, the performance of learners in the subject in Western Province of Zambia has remained poor as evidenced by successive Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) and chief markers performance reports. This article discusses the importance of literature and methods used in teaching it. It also presents the findings of a study which sought to establish the factors contributing to the poor performance of learners in the subject in relation to motivation. A study qualitative design was used employing a case study strategy of inquiry. 150 participants comprising 10 Heads of Literature and Language departments, 20 teachers of Literature, 100 Grade 12 learners of literature and 20 former learners who failed the subject were recruited for the study using purposive and snowball sampling techniques. The study established that teachers and learners faced a number of challenges such as inadequate teacher preparation, use of inappropriate techniques, negative attitudes and lack of teaching and learning resources. The study also established that motivation was a major factor. Arising from the findings, the study recommended retraining of teachers through CPD in order to build their capacity in the teaching of Literature in English
Zambia , Factors , Pupils , Literature in English , Examination , Performance , Teachers