An evaluation of communicating and managing responses of HIV and AIDS among youths at Solwezi trades training institute and Solwezi youth alive

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Musonda, Lucky
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The study was carried out for the purpose of examining the effect of communicating and managing programmatic responses of HIV and AIDS among youths in a training institute and a nongovernmental organisation. The study focused on areas of management of HIV and AIDS and relevance of communications in order to understand the involvement and participation of youths in HIV and AIDS responses. A questionnaire, focus group discussions, interview schedule and documents analysis were used to collect data. The Sample size of 115 participants was chosen. A sample of 102 students was chosen from the training Institute by a stratified random sampling by sex. The purposeful sample was drawn by selecting 6 students; 4 social workers; 1 HIV and AIDS focal person and 2 Anti Aids Club members. The quantitative data were coded and analyzed using descriptive statistics with an aid of SPSS computer software. The data gathered from the document analysis, interviews and focus group discussions were also transcribed and reported in form of text. The study found that they had been comprehensive HIV and AIDS campaigns done by many players. About 77.7% student youths indicated interpersonal communication as quite effective in responding to matters of HIV and AIDS. However, 83.0% of student youths felt HIV and AIDS programmes had been irregular. The study found that most HIV and AIDS programmes depended entirely on external funding implying that irregular programmes lacked funding. Managing and communicating HIV and AIDS responses have significant impact but has room for improvement, and many recommendations were derived from this study.
AIDS (Disease) --Social aspects--Zambia , Communication in public health--Zambia