Presentation of Diabetes Mellitus at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka

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Mulaisho, C.
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Medical Journal of Zambia.
The mode of presentation of 118 insulin-dependent and 187 non insulin-dependent diabetics is outlined. The complications as well as associated diseases are presented. Eighty-six males were insulin-dependent and ninety-eight males were non insulin-depehdent. Thirty- two females were insulin-dependent while eighty-nine females were non insulin-dependent. The age range was 14-50 years with a mean of 34.3 years for the insulin-dependent patients while the age range and mean for the non insulin-dependent patients was 30-50 years and 45.7 years respectively. The range for the duration of diabetes mellitus was 0.5-312 months with a mean of 52 months for the ihsulin-dependent patients while it was 1-228 months and 55 months respectively for the non insulin-dependent patients. In the insulin dependent group there were 107 Africans, 9 Asians and 2 Europeans while in the non insulin-dependent group there were 143 Africans, 43 Asians and 1 European.
Insulin-dependent and non insulin-dependent diabetics
Diabetes Mellitus, Zambia , Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 , Diabetes Mellitus, Non Insulin Dependent , Diabetes Mellitus, Ketosis-Resistant
Mulaisho, C. (1980). Presentation of Diabetes Mellitus at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka. Medical Journal of Zambia. 14 (4)