Factors contributing to delays in Teachers' confirmation in appointments: The case of Lusaka Province

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Siwale, Margaret Nawiza
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This study sought to find out the factors contributing to delays in confirmation in appointment of teachers in Zambia, particularly in Lusaka Province. A sample of 96 school teachers, 24 head teachers, 2 human resource personnel from the DEBS office, 2 human resource personnel from the PEO, 2 human resource officers from the MoE Headquarters and 2 officers from the Zambia Teaching Service Commission totaling 128 were interviewed. The study used a simple systematic sampling technique which included questionnaires, focal group interviews (FGIs) and semi-structured interviews.What was discovered was that despite teachers filling in and submitting all the necessary documents, the confirmation process could not be done within the stipulated time of six months. It was found, that most teachers were not yet confirmed despite having served more than the required minimum period of six months. The majority of the teachers said their performance was affected as they were not sure of their future; they were insecure in their employment and they could not go on study or vacational leave. The immediate supervisors confirmed having requested teachers to fill in confirmation forms, but what happened thereafter, they could not tell.Based on the findings of the study, a number of recommendations were made in order to address some of the identified challenges such as the need for follow up of the submitted confirmation forms by the relevant officers, and the sending of feedback to the teachers. In addition the study recommended that the issue of confirmation be given the relevant attention it deserved by employing more officers specifically responsible for handling teaching service matters, that is, at each office where teaching service cases required processing- DEBS Office, PEO, and the MoE headquarters. Finally, but not the least, teachers who have served more than a minimum of six months should be confirmed in their appointment and those who would want to go for further studies or want to undertake college or University education in their fields of study, should be allowed without the requirement of confirmation.
Teachers selection and appointments-Zambia , Teacher Turnover