An evaluation of entrepreneurship to job creation in Lusaka: a case study of Buseko market.

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Sinkamba, Samuel
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The University of Zambia
This paper investigated an evaluation of entrepreneurship to job creation in Lusaka looking at the case of Buseko market. It can be suggested that implementation of various entrepreneur activities with the participation of entrepreneurs will bring about a positive contribution to productivity to job creation. There is need to align broad solutions at every level of planning for entrepreneurship progress to avoid disruption in the program. Entrepreneurship programmes are a vital variable to address unemployment this was confirmed by the results of the study that indicated majority of the participant confirm that application of entrepreneurship in their different sectors and forms was a remedy to unemployment. The researcher observed that Buseko market believed in sustainable development and commitment to effective management of entrepreneurship programs as an integral part of the business. This was done through the emphasis of business growth through innovation and creativity, bring about a positive impact towards the entrepreneur skills in order to enhance operations and productivity. Research supports the general observation that entrepreneurship can be a crucial generator of jobs. While entrepreneurial activities invariably create some new jobs in the short term, more interestingly, evidence from the study indicates that most the lost jobs are from the failing startups is offset by job creation in the first year of a firm’s life, providing a net increase in jobs for the overall economy in the long term. At the policy level, such positive employment effects can help the government create jobs, particularly given the dismal state of their youth labour markets.
Entrepreneurship and job creation. , Entrepreneurship.