Effects of guidance and counselling programme in handlng pupil indiscipline cases: a case of Katete district.

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Banda, Patrine
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The University of Zambia
This study assessed the effects of guidance and counselling programme in handling pupil indiscipline cases in Secondary Schools of Katete District of Eastern Zambia. Four objectives guided this research, which were to: Assess the establishment of guidance and counselling units in Secondary Schools, exploring the effects of strategies that guidance and counselling teachers could employ in order to effectively handle indiscipline cases; assess the extent to which school administrators support guidance and counselling programmes in school; establishing challenges guidance and counselling teachers face in their course of duty. This study adopted a qualitative case study research design. Research instruments used were interviews, focused group discussions and documentary analysis. The sample size was 40 and sampling procedure was purposive on the administrators and the teachers, snowball sampling for the pupils. The researcher personally visited Katete Secondary School to collect data. The study has proposed various strategies to use in order for teachers to effectively handle pupil indiscipline cases and that the effects of the strategies would improve pupil discipline in school. Key issues identified by this research include: Guidance and counselling units were available in Schools but not properly structured. The study has equally revealed that there are no trained guidance and counselling teachers in guidance and counselling section in a school. The study revealed that the school managers support the department for instance sending teachers in the guidance and counselling department for workshops and seminars but much has to done especially on increasing the funds to the department. The study also revealed the teachers in the guidance and counselling department face a number of challenges which hinder their performance. Challenges include lack of proper room for counselling, lack of referral centres where acute counselling cases could be dealt with and inadequate staff in the department. The study has recommended that the ministry of general education should deploy more trained guidance and counselling teachers or encourage schools to put teachers on their training plans so that they can do in-service training in guidance and counselling. Sensitise schools on the right composition of guidance committee. There is need to allocate specialised rooms for guidance and counselling and parental involvement in guidance and counselling is imperative if discipline is to be maintained in schools.
Guidance and counselling programme-- Schools. , Educational counseling. , School discipline.