Factors that influence the quality of nursing care at Kafue district hospital.

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Hichilema, Nosiah Kabbudula.
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The study sought to determine the factors that influence the quality of nursing care at Kafue District Hospital. The respondents were selected from four awards within the Hospital. A self-administered questionnaire was used to collect data from the nurses. The data for the study was collected during the months of August and September 2004. A sample of 50 respondents from four wards was selected. A questionnaire with open and closed responses was used. Literature review was based on some studies done Globally, Regionally and Nationally. Literature was also obtained from Pamphlets, books and from the Internet. The collected data was checked for completeness. It was then coded, categorised and entered on the data master sheet and analysis was done manually. Results from the study revealed that there is a relationship between the staffing levels and the quality of nursing care provided. Majority of the respondents (36%) reported that the quality of nursing care was poor due to poor staffing and the use of task allocation (50%). the other factors given were lack of motivation for the staff in order to put in as much as they can, some respondents attributed inadequate medical and surgical supplies for them to use to provide quality care to their patients and clients. The majority of the respondents (57%) preferred training of nurses in quality Nursing care, using patient allocation as a model of Nursing care and how to be cost effective in available resources. This they say could help them provide quality care to their clients and in so doing be able to satisfy and meet patients needs. Poor conditions of service have led to nurses to migrate to other countries in search of greener pastures and this has adverse effect on staffing.
Care of the sick. , Nursing --Quality control. , Nursing Care -Standards --Zambia.