Medical equipment standard lists for 2nd level hospitals

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Ministry of Health
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University of Zambia, Medical Library
Our health services have been stratified into various levels in order to provide the range of health care from primary to specialist care as close to the families as possible. Each level of care is designed to provide specific health services. Therefore, the needs for each of these facilities in terms of human resource and equipment also vary. However, those facilities providing similar services or operating at the same level should utilize uniform equipment and infrastructure in order to standardise the level of care through out the country. It is therefore, essential to establish key equipment required at each level of care in order to maximize the utility of available skills and resources. Acknowledging that the Ministry of Health through the Directorate of Clinical Care and Diagnostic Services in 2007 setup a Committee to develop standard equipment requirements for health posts, health centres and level 1 hospitals, the development of equipment requirements for 2nd level hospitals is therefore, a completion of defined equipment lists from health post to 2nd level hospitals throughout the country. It is envisaged that the availability of equipment requirements for all levels of health care will allow guide of health professionals and enhance better planning and implementation of health services to meet our National Health Care Standards. More importantly, the definition of the equipment types will allow maximum utilization of skills and resources in the delivery of quality health care to all Zambians.
Health care equipment standard list of equipment
Hospitals - electric equipment--Zambia , Medical electronics -- Zambia
Ministry of Health (2012). Medical equipment standard lists for 2nd level hospitals