Communication between the Newsroom staff at Zambia National Broadcasting Corparation and Mnagement

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Sakala, Davey
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ZNBC has over the years been experiencing a number of problems, ranging from lack of modern equipment to poor salaries. The institution has been grappling with such problems as non-availability of equipment and poor conditions of service, with no solution in sight. The workers at the institution, although professionals, find themselves in a situation where they have to hold on to their jobs for the sake of survivor instead of being effective contributors to development. As an institution, however, ZNBC, as the report projects, can be a very effective contributor to development if problems affecting the institution are addressed and continue being tackled as they arise. As a tool for development, ZNBC is under utilised to an extent that political issues are more important than any other affair. The reader of this report will find that whereas many issues affecting the institution are nowhere near from being solved, they are matters which can very easily be settled and make the institution vibrant
Communication--Zambia , Journalism--Zambia