The implementation of multi grade teaching by school managers’ and teachers’ in primary schools: a case of Kaputa district, Zambia.

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Mutambala, Elvis
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The University of Zambia
Education is the key to develop sustainable development in Zambia. There is one problem that our education is facing which is shortage of teachers mostly in remote areas of Zambia. To curb the dismal, multi grade teaching is an alternative measure to equalise the trend. Since multi grade promotes social outcomes, which are necessary for sustainable human development, there is need to ensure that implementation and context in which multi grade teaching is conducted in taken care of at school. The findings suggest that policies should be prepared and given to teachers and school managers in multi grade teaching. Although some may be in support, what is required is to have both school managers and teachers trained in multi grade teaching. Descriptive research design helped to describe the information related to the implementation multi grade teaching by school managers and teachers in primary schools and the performance of pupils in this context. The population was school managers and teachers in primary school with multi grade teaching setting in Kaputa district of Northern Province. The sample size consisted of three (3) school managers and three (3) class teachers making six (6) respondents. The study used semi structured questionnaire and interview to get the real information. Data obtained was analysed using content analysis in order to establish the themes. The finding among other findings was that out of the three (3) school managers only one (1) school manager was for multi grade teaching and this is showing us 33% on the other hand out of the three (3) class teachers only one (1) again this is 33% was in support of multi grade teaching. The study further recommends Ministry of General Education to revise the curriculum on multi grade to include in the syllabus. The study recommends for training standards officers in districts to have skills and knowledge to equip teachers. From the findings of the nature of implementation of multi grade teaching by school managers and teachers, it was discovered that this method is prevailing in primary schools. The findings showered that teachers who handle multi grade classes are teaching using mono grade methods. Further review indicated that multi grade teaching has opportunities as well in that it helps pupils learn something instead of going home without anything. Lastly, but not the least school managers and teachers need to be trained through re-fresher courses.
Multi-grade teaching. , Inclusive education--Cross-cultural studies. , Educational equalization--Cross-cultural studies.