Strategies employed by teachers in the teaching of reading comprehension in selected secondary schools in Lusaka district.

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Muyangana, N. Akombelwa
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The University of Zambia
This dissertation reports a study that was carried out to investigate how reading comprehension was taught in selected secondary schools of Lusaka district in Zambia. Data was collected from three secondary schools-all single sex schools. From the three, one was a boy’s school and the other two girls. The researcher used qualitative methodology in data collection as well as data analysis. Lesson observation, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions were the methods used to elicit information from the respondents. The findings of the study revealed that reading comprehension was not taught in the manner it is supposed to. Most comprehension lessons were characterized by testing instead of teaching. The morale of most teachers’ vis-à-vis their topic was low and that was portrayed by the manner in which they started and ended their lessons. Some noticeable features of comprehension lessons observed were poor lesson presentations, unsatisfactory general lesson delivery, poor teaching techniques, teacher’s non-reading culture and pupils’ lack of confidence in some teachers. Others were insufficient reading materials in some schools and the prevalence of outdated books. In a bid to address the challenges of teaching reading comprehension in secondary schools, it was recommended that Ministry of Education should introduce short refresher courses for teachers of English aimed at ensuring effectiveness in teaching methodology and hence improving the quality of their lessons. That should be done after every two years. To make that achievable, government should allocate more funds to Teacher Education in order carry out such projects. It should also devise a policy that promotes reading at pre-school, lower and middle basic school so as to make pupils already familiar to reading as they get into secondary school. Government should further motivate teachers by improving their conditions of service.
Reading (Secondary). , Reading (Middle school). , High school principals.