Survey of certain legal and Political Aspects of the O.A.U

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Mungole, Raphael
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This world is devoted to a general survey of the legal and political aspects of the organisation of African Unity as it operates today. An attempt has been made to briefly trace the history of the O.A.U. and how it has attemted to solve disputes among its member states. The work has however, suffered from lack of a sufficient number of original sources. The Zambian Industries of Legal and foreign Affairs from whore it v;as originally planned to obtain original documents, refused to give any information, The African desk stated that as a matter of policy, they were not allowed to disclose any information to researchers because these materials were State secrets. The little original materials were only obtained from the United Nation Information Centre, In the alternative, secondary' sources have been largely relied upon, and this dictated both the descriptive and analytical form taken by the paper. It has been the author's intention to combine the legal and political aspects of the O.A.U, in order to make general conclusion about certain aspects of the O.A.U. today, Chapter I of the paper deals with the historical background to the founding of the O.A.U,Chapter II examines the organs and principles of the O.A.U, and their implications. Chapter III examines a selected number of disputes which have confronted the O.A.U. and the attempts the organization has made to resolve then. The relationship between the O.A.U TI, and the International Court of Justice is discussed in Chapter TV,The factors that undermine the Unity of African states are further examined in Chapter V.A review of the Charter of the O.A.U has been suggested in Chapter VI, followed by a summary of the discussion in Chapter III.It is hoped that students of both law and political science will find this study useful in understanding the politics of the O.A.U. as a regional,organization.
Regionalism(International Organisation) , International Law