Assessment of the provision of guidance and counselling services in secondart schools: a survey of Chilanga district, Zambia

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Maliwa, Ndiyoi Muliwana
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University of Zambia
The study was intended to assess the provision of guidance and counsellng services in secondary schools in Chilanga district. The study established the types of guidance and counselling services available in secondary schools, and also meant to determine the awareness of guidance and counselling services in secondary schools. The study also aimed at establishing the challenges faced in the provision of guidance and counselling services in secondary schools. A descriptive design survey was employed in this study. The population comprised of six secondary schools from which a sample of six head teachers, fifteen guidance teachers and one hundred and fifty-nine pupils was chosen. The study used purposive sampling procedures in which six secondary schools in Chilanga district were chosen. Data for the study was gathered through questionnaires administered to the head teachers, teachers ' and pupils selected for the study. Focus group discussions with the teachers was also employed ; to crosscheck information. The data was then analysed qualitatively. Also where necessary simple quantitative techniques such as percentages, bar charts, tables and pie charts were used. The results of the study revealed that the types of guidance and counselling services available in schools are educational, vocational, personal/social and health or therapitical guidance and counselling services. It also revealed that the teachers and pupils are aware of guidance and ^ counselling services, although much is needed in order for guidance and counselling to effectively i save its intended purpose. The study established that the major challenges encountered in the provision of guidance and counselling services were: lack of fiinding, lack of offices for counselling, limited number of guidance teachers, un qualified guidance and counselling teachers, guidance teachers being teacher subjects and lack of resources in heading guidance and counselling services. Based on the findings the study recommended that the Ministry of General Education should: Come up with guidance and counselling policy that will guide the practice of guidance and counselling in schools, create positions of full time counselors in secondary school, devise a deliberate training policy to ensure that all school counselors receive training, address the ' problems of confidentiality in secondary schools counselling unit, invest in the guidance reference materials, just the way it has invested in academic text books and ensure that guidance sections are monitored regularly by guidance standards officers so that some challenges are identified.
Master of Science in Counselling
Educational counselling--Zambia , School management and organisation--Zambia