Investigating benefits and challenges of upgrading Nakatete primary school to secondary school in Kafue district.

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Hatimbula, Kingsley
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The University of Zambia
This study sought to Investigating Benefits and Challenges of Upgrading Nakatete Primary School to Secondary School in Kafue District” conducted in Kafue district of the Lusaka province of Zambia. The objectives of the study were as follows: To investigate reasons for upgrading Nakatete Primary School to a secondary. To establish challenges faced by Nakatete Primary School before and after upgrading it to Secondary school. To establish the benefits of upgrading Nakatete Secondary School to the school staff, pupils and its surrounding community. A descriptive survey study design was employed with focus on the qualitative strand. One head teacher, two senior teachers, two current pupils, two former pupils and two community members participated in the study. The Purposive sampling procedure was applied for selecting respondents: Pupils, former pupils, senior teachers and members of the community were sampled based of their ability to provide accurate and relevant information regarding the study. They were also selected because they were the only ones at the school and study time with information needed and were available for the research task. The head teacher was chosen because he was the only ones available at the time of the study with administrative information of Nakatete secondary. This technique was used because the mentioned respondents were believed to be knowledgeable and bearers of key information in relation to the researcher’s topic of investigation. In-depth interviews were used to collect data from all respondents and data was analysed using thematic analysis. Based on the respondents’ views, findings of this study on the’ benefits of upgrading Nakatete Basic school to secondary school’ revealed that more pupils are now able to access senior secondary education because the school is closer to the learners’ home. The findings also revealed that parents are paying less on school expenses as the transport cost had been reduced or completely taken away as the children are able to walk to school daily. The learners are able to spend more time at school preparing and studying without worrying about the distance to be covered to and from school. The findings also that the upgrade of Nakatete school has brought an improvement on the economic value of the teachers and the surrounding community as more teachers have been promoted to posts like Head teacher, Deputy Head and HOD. The recommendation is that more funding can be channel to schools like Nakatete Secondary so that it is able to meet its day-to-day running of the school without disruption of learning.
High schools--Zambia--Administration. , Secondary schools--Zambia.