Assesing the impact of job satisfaction and motivation on the turnover of teachers from private to government schools. A case study of selected schools in Kitwe district

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Munthali, Beauty
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University of Zambia
Today's reality is that people influence important aspects of organizational performance in a multitude of ways. If an organisation is to treat its employees as its most important asset, it has to be knowledgeable about what it is that motivates people to reach their full potential, understanding employee perspectives and measuring their motivation and retention factors are critical to an organization's success. Gbadamosi (2003) states how dynamic people are and that for any organisation to be effective and provide a satisfactory environment for its workers, attention has to be paid to both personal and work needs of each and every individual in the organization. This study aimed at assessing the impact of job satisfaction and motivation on the transition of teachers from private to government schools. It was a qualitative research study that offered an in-depth explanation of the phenomenon under investigation as well as generated information related to job satisfaction and motivation. The study considered four secondary schools of Kitwe town; Hellen Kaunda, Kitwe Boys, Lechwe and Convent High schools. The research instruments used were questionnaires, both general interviews and interviews with key informants as well as secondary data to gather data for the study. The study revealed that the turnover and/or retention of teachers is affected by factors that contribute to job satisfaction such as a meaningful job, remuneration, working conditions and relationships with superiors and colleagues. It was established that teachers are highly motivated by their salaries as well as the flexibility of the work schedule as they can be given time for training to further their development. The study also found that the factors that made teachers to move from the private to the public sector at the schools were; good working environment and conditions of service, salaries, advancement of studies and other incentives such as job security and bonuses. Furthermore, training and development of any organizational human resource is one of the key motivating strategies among employees. Over and above, monetary incentives and the work environment have proved to be the most pulling effect for teacher motivation in public schools as teachers are more interested in the allowance they receive. As such it can be concluded that situation factors motivate people the most.
Master of Education in Educational Management
Teacher morale , Motivation in education -- Zambia