Communications used in intergrating Youth's rights in development programmes at Youth Alive Zambia, Lusaka

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Mudenda, Ephat
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This study is a review of youth rights information regarding its relationship to socio-economic development. In order to achieve the aim of the study, information was sought from Youth Alive Zambia, Human Rights Commission, the 2006 National Youth Policy, various published materials inform of books and from the internet, as well as through a quantitative survey and interviews. The study specifically sought to: 1. Establish the influence that human rights have on the fight against socio-economic hardships which the youths in Zambia face. 2. Analyse the available sources of youth rights information and how they affect youths’ participation in development. 3. Find out if youths are fully aware of their rights and whether they know that human rights are important to both development and peace in the land. The literature review highlights several factors concerninghow issues of youth participation in development have impacted on youth development itself. Available literature also shows that there is an inseparable relationship between sustainable development and human rights. Several documents, reports and studies dealing with the rights of youths from various continents, regions and countries in the world have been analysed in this thesis. The study recommends that youth rights should be integrated in development programmes and projects at all levels of the society; social, political, economic, cultural and religious spheres.
Youth in development