An investigation into the flood hazards faced by the community living near Kalikiliki Dam in Mtendere compound-Lusaka

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Moyo, Chrispin
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Part of Section-D of Mtendere compound is located close to Kalikiliki Dam, an earth dam. It is therefore feared that if Kalikiliki Dam failed, the flood that can be generated by water escaping from Kalikiliki pond can have some disastrous consequences. This study was therefore conducted in order to identify the flood hazards that Kalikiliki Dam poses to the nearby community. A field survey was conducted on Kalikiliki Dam. Some important observations were made and some photographs of some important features were taken. A transect was also conducted on the dam to show how close some houses are located to the Dam. Some residents of Mtendere compound who live close to Kalikiliki Dam were interviewed, using a questioimaire, on what they thought about the flood hazards posed by Kalikiliki Dam. A Senior Council Official, from Lusaka City Council, was interviewed on, among other things, how safe the Kalikiliki Dam is against failure. Maps were used to establish the catchment area of Kalikiliki Pond and to identify factors affecting runoff from the catchment. Aerial photographs were used to map and show the expansion of Mtendere compound towards kalikiliki Dam. Results indicated that Kalikiliki Dam lacks maintenance and protection. Consequently, the dam is under serious threats from human activities and natural factors such as soil erosion that can cause the dam to get breached. The catchment area of Kalikiliki Pond was found to be largely built-up, an indication that surface runoff flow is high from the catchment. It was found that the majority of residents in Mtendere compound perceive Kalikiliki dam as an environmental hazard with regards to flood hazards posed by the dam.
Flood hazards , Kalikiliki Dam