The impact of the expansion of Lusaka's Central Business District(CBD)on the surrounding residential zones: Case study of fairview

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Bundie, Kabanze M.
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Lusaka has a number of land use types, which were assigned specific areas/zones at the development planning stage of the city. These zones however, are not permanent because of a number of various forces. The CBD is one of the land use zones, which has obliterated its physical boundaries in that some of the CBD activities have been found in adjacent zones like the residential zone like Fairview.The respondents for the study in Fairview were chosen using both judgmental and simple random sampling methods. Data were collected using questionnaires. A questionnaire was also used to get data from Lusaka City Council.Business establishments in Lusaka have increased so much that not all of them can be accommodated in the city center. The lack of suitable virgin land to expand this zone has prompted LCC to rezone some adjacent residential such as Fairview to mixed use so as to accommodate the growth in business establishments. In this way, the CBD has essentially encroached on the surrounding areas, thereby forcing some residents to relocate to other areas.
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