Peer education for sexual and reproductive health YMCA and Karhp programmes

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Gashugi, Aimable
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A flexible data base of messages through a flexible range of media to a flexible target population. This is a succinct image of YMCA SHR and KARHP messages through the appropriate peer education communication method to their respective audiences.This applied research is aiming at empowering peer educators of both programmes by shaping and rendering more effective their communication methods. By observations, on-the-job-trainings and formal empowering ventures, the methodology utilised is active participation.The report reviews some of the SHR and peer education literature and purposely defines both terms. It reflects the researcher's observations on the field and points out some of the weaknesses and strengths of the two SRH programmes. As it briefly profiles them, it also comparatively tabulates their similarities and dissimilarities.The study appreciates, improves, corrects and introduces some communication methods in both programmes. This exercise is tried at researcher-peer educators, peer educators' internal exchange visits, peer educators' external exchange visits and peer educators joint workshop levels.The research report also records some of the direct feedbacks as reactions/responses from individual peer educators, peer educators Dody and from the co-ordination of both SKH programmes. Lastly, it makes some recommendations and suggestions for the peer education methods to enjoy a conducive environment and be continuously bettered.
Zambia-Sexual Reproductive health