Exploring effects of the educational investments and returns on teachers with upgraded qualifications acquired on self-sponsorship in Lusaka district.

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Muleya, Gistered
Chifuwe, Avien
Simui, Francis
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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) |Volume IV, Issue XII,
An educational investment is the act of spending money on an educational programme with the goal of earning capital appreciation towards future returns. The aim of making an educational investment is that the investment will provide a stream of benefits in future for a profit. The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of the educational investments and returns on the lives of the teachers with upgraded qualifications on self-sponsorship in Lusaka district. Data was generated from ten purposively sampled teachers who upgraded qualifications on self-sponsorship using in-depth interviews, and observations. Findings from the study revealed among others; adequate responses to prompt changes, natural aptitudes and inventiveness, better health, high income employment opportunities and reasonated knowledge. The study concluded that educational investments made on self-sponsorship by teachers accrued benefits of education or returns and the benefits accrued had positive effects on the lives of the teachers who made the investment. Thus it is recommended that teachers who fail to find sponsorship opportunities from the government can still upgrade their qualifications on self-sponsorship because the benefits of education accrued from their educational investments have positive effects on their lives. Additionally, teachers need to improve their knowledge reservoir by upgrading their qualifications in order to keep abreast with the world’s advancements in technology. Furthermore, upgrading of qualifications enhances efficiency and effectiveness in the teaching profession.
Educational investment. , Upgrading. , Benefits of education. , Self-sponsorship. , Accrue.