A study on what factors affect the effectiveness of teamwork in lusaka urban health centres.

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Imenda, Edna L K.
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The aim of the study was to find out factors that affect the effectiveness of the health team in Lusaka Urban Clinic/Health Centres. The study may probably help to identify ways of making health teams in Health Centres more effective. It also sought to find out whether health workers understand their job descriptions. The sample of the study consisted of twenty-five (25) health workers in five (5) health centres in Lusaka. Data for the study were collected using a Questionnaire. Data were analysed manually and presented in table form. The findings of the study showed that the majority of respondents (96$) feel that lack of understanding of job-description leads to ineffective teamwork. It was also found that improperly defined work leads to lack of teamwork. Another finding was that the professional qualifications of health team members especially that of the Supervisor affect the effectiveness of teamwork.
Health services administration. , Health services. , Health care teams.