Community policing: a strategy for conflict prevention in the community: a case study in the selected communities in Solwezi district.

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Mazyopa, Rodrick
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The University of Zambia
The study explored Community policing strategy as a strategy for conflict prevention in the selected communities in Solwezi district for Northwestern province. The selected communities for the study included Kandemba, Kyawama, Messager, Kandundu and Magrade compounds in Solwezi district. The study was guided by the following study objectives; Exploration of community policing strategy as a tool for conflict prevention in Solwezi district, to identify challenges in community policing strategy in the prevention of conflicts and to propose approaches for conflict prevention in Solwezi district. The dissertation used qualitative case study design and was guided by broken window and social capital theories. The study purposely selected the communities in Solwezi district and 22 participants among them were three police officers from CSD at Solwezi police, four church leaders from dominant churches, political leaders, business and markets community leaders, the Mayor of Solwezi and five (5) selected members from each community. Data was collected through interviews and Focus Group Discussion. The study revealed that community policing strategy is a tool for conflict prevention by enabling the community participates in planning for the safety and the security of their community although community policing in Solwezi district is not being effectively implemented rendering it as if it is an ineffective tool for conflict prevention. The study further revealed that, lack of funding to community policing strategy implementation, lack police officers training in community policing exhibited by negative attitude of police officers towards the community thereby hampering effective implementation of community policing in the Solwezi and as a result the strategy has insignificant impact on conflict prevention.
Thesis of Master of Science in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution.