A study on factors influencing women's ability to insist on their sexual partners to use condoms in prevention of HIV/AIDS in Lusaka urban,Zambia.

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Chirwa, Anna A B.
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This was a study to determine factors influencing women's ability to insist on condom use by their sexual partners. Fifty five (55) women in the age range 15-45 of age were sampled from different socio-economic backgrounds and institutional set ups. The literature reviewed was based on factors that influence women's ability to insist on condom use by their sexual partners and also based on studies done elsewhere in the world concerning HIV/Aids women and condom use. Data were collected using self administered questionnaire, interviews and focus group discussions between 20th September and 6th October 1994, and analysed by computer. The findings revealed that apart from economic dependence on the man by most women for survival, religious influence also rated high as a factor discouraging women from insisting on condom use by their sexual partners. Other factors established by the study were cultural upbringing and surprisingly, lack of sexual satisfaction if the condom was used. Knowledge about HIV and the effectiveness of the protection provided by the condom was almost 100% among the respondents, yet condoms are still out of reach for most women. Recommendations include that the church should take on a more bold stance by encouraging not only change of behaviour but also condom use for those who cannot change. To the planners, policy makers and NGO's the study suggests that they should come up with ways of empowering women economically to enable them make a living. Customs that oppress women's position should be discouraged and people must be taught the correct way of using the condom if sexual satisfaction is to be achieved.
Condoms. , Sexual health --Women --Zambia.