An assessment of the effectiveness of Lusaka City Council's communication strategies for promoting trader participation in solid waste management: The case of Lusaka City Market

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Malisele, Collin
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The following study assesses the effectiveness of the communication strategies used by Lusaka City Council in promoting Solid Waste Management among traders trading in Lusaka City Market. The multi-dimensional mixed method was used. This simply means that this study utilized both qualitative and quantitative approaches in the collection of data. In addition, this study utilised inductive, deductive and adductive research strategies. The reasons for combining these strategies were for effective data collection, analysis, and interpretation. The sample of 100 respondents took part in the study from the sampling frame of 4000 traders at Lusaka City Market. The major findings of the study are that LCC uses ad hoc unwritten communication strategies in promoting SWM among traders of Lusaka City Market. The other finding is that there are various channels employed by Lusaka City Market to sensitise traders on the importance of SWM. The major channel is through inspectorate exercises, other channels include mass media. The study’s major conclusion is that the lack of a written integrated communication strategy plan in promoting SWM among traders means that the channels being used are difficult to determine. It is therefore resolved that the council should come up with an integrated communication strategy that can help all stakeholders to know what SWM activities are taking place.
Solid waste management-Lusaka,Zambia , Waste minimization-Lusaka,Zambia