An evalaution of management practices employed by managers of community schools in selected schools of Chisamba District

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Chilala, Doreen, Nzala
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University of Zambia
This study sought to evaluate the management practices employed by selected community school managers of Chisamba district. A total of 12 school managers and 12 class teachers were sampled. The study was a descriptive survey and the sample was purposively selected from prescribed areas. Questionnaires, interview guide, observation and analysis of document were used to gather data. The study revealed that not all managers and teachers were academically and professionally trained. All the school managers had no training in management of educational institutions and hence lacked adequate knowledge and skills in most of the management practices. The findings further indicate that the majority of head teachers found their work very difficult due to poor conditions in the schools and the insufficient number of class teachers leading them to having dual roles of teaching and school management. Furthermore, the study revealed that monitoring and evaluation was concentrated on class observation and not on all the school processes. Most of the school managers did not have the educational policies and other guidelines. They did not know the financial regulations and so were not adhering to them as expected hence their failure to interpret them. The study further revealed that they experienced several other challenges such as distance from the town, lack of accommodation, poor water and sanitation and over enrolment. Based on the findings of the study, the following recommendations were made. There is need ' that the Ministry of General Education stops allowing untrained teachers to teach in Community schools, create PMEC IDs for these schools to enhance quick confirmation, deliberately train all teachers in school management, upgrade and gazette all Community schools, provide adequate funding and other resources, ensure all guideline and policy documents are availed, deploy enough teachers to the schools and improve the areas where the schools are and the school environment to meet the nation's goals.
Master of Education in Educational Management
School management and organisation--Zambia , Schools--Management of—Zambia