Communication strategies used by the National Sports Council of Zambia in reducing poverty among young people through sports: A case study of Lusaka

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Sakala, Joseph C.
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This report is based on a study which sought to investigate the communication strategies that the National Sports Council of Zambia uses in reducing poverty among the young people in Lusaka District. It has brought to light the communication process which NSCZ uses to address poverty among youths using sports. In Zambia sport has been embraced as an integral part of fighting poverty among young people as well as a way of creating employment. The overall objective for this study was to determine communication strategies used by NSCZ through sports to reduce poverty among the youth. The study used mixed method comprising qualitative and quantitative designs. It, therefore, collected both qualitative and quantitative data. Both primary and secondary data were also collected. With regards to data analysis, the study used SPSS to analyse quantitative data and content analysis to analyse qualitative data. The two sets of analysed data were merged accordingly to form the basis for the report. Qualitative data involved understandings of the complexity, detailed context of the research subject, often consisting of texts such as interview transcripts and field notes or audiovisual material, while quantitative data was described numerically in terms of objects, variables and their value. In its findings, the study established that the National Sports Council of Zambia does not have a specific or particular communication strategy to address poverty reduction through sports among the youths in Zambia. However, it communicates and does much of its publicity through its registered affiliates. It was also found that individual players have no direct contact with the council which makes it lack grass root information on the wellbeing and welfare of players. Other findings are that there is no direct link between taking part in sport and poverty reduction, thus the need to deliberately devise mechanisms that link sport and poverty reduction by using sports as a source of income and livelihood. It was, therefore, concluded that there should be state action and public participation in the promotion of sport as a means for poverty reduction among youths in Zambia. Additionally, it was concluded and recommended that NSCZ should make effective use of communication strategies to reach out to more young people in an attempt to reduce poverty through sports
Poverty eradication-Zambia , Poverty alleviation-Zambia , Communication strategies-National sports Council-Zambia