Educational challenges faced by single-Parented pupils: Case of selected Primary Schools in Mumbwa District

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Sepiso, Nyelukwa
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Single-parented children in Zambia just like any other country in the world experience many challenges. Zambia unlike other countries has done little in terms of documentation of the educational challenges faced by single-parented pupils. Thus, this study sought to investigate the educational challenges faced by single-parented pupils in order to ascertain their influence on pupils’ education so that documentation of these findings is made. This, therefore, was achieved by drawing a purposive sample of twelve single-parented pupils, twelve single-parents, four administrators, four grade teachers, two guidance and counseling teachers and four other teachers who did not teach these children in the two selected primary schools of Mumbwa district. Semi-structured interviews were used to collect data which was analysed using the Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis method (IPA) in order to generate themes. The following themes emerged as the educational challenges faced by single-parented pupils: un proportionate house chores done by single-parented pupils; lack of full love from single-parents; nomadic accommodation faced by single-parented pupils; lack of financial support to single-parented pupils; low self-esteem in single-parented pupils; lack of food for single-parented pupils; non-guidance in home works of single-parented pupils; long distances to school covered by single-parented pupils; lack of parental representation in school activities; and un-guided socialisation of single-parented pupils. These findings have justified the argument advanced in this dissertation that single-parented pupils had the ability to learn, but they were just hindered by the influence of the above mentioned educational challenges. Thus, in single parent homes where a parent rightly positions himself or herself in the provision of all what children require for learning, such children normally do well in their education. Therefore, I have recommended that in order for single-parented pupils to do well at school, there are supposed to be regular parental teacher contact, quality of parent teacher interaction, parent participation in educational activities in the home and parent participation in school activities.
Parenting-Mumbwa, Zambia , Discipline of Children , Single parenting-Mumbwa, Zambia