A study on factors contributing to non compliance with respiratory control measure among millers in lusaka

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Mafuta, Laura Mushingwani
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The main aim of the study was to determine knowledge, attitude and practices of carers towards children with hydrocephalus who attended pediatric surgical clinic at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka. The literature reviewed was on global, regional and local studies. Literature on knowledge, attitude and practices of cares towards children with hydrocephalus was very scanty. A pilot study was carried out at Matero Clinic and the actual study was done at the University Teaching Hospital from August to September, 2006. The research participants were conveniently chosen. A sample consisted of fifty (50) respondents both female and male cares. Data collection was done by using structured questionnaires in form of interviews. The data was analyzed manually using a data master sheet, frequency tables, pie charts and cross tabulation tables which were used to determine the relationships between variables. Study findings revealed that all respondents knew that hydrocephalus could not be caused by witchcraft. The majority 33 (66%) of the respondents could state what physiotherapy was (entailed). All respondents could define what hydrocephalus was. Thirty-three (33) (66%) of the respondents had adequate knowledge. Majority 43 (86%) of the respondents had a negative attitude towards children with hydrocephalus and also took their children for physiotherapy sessions less than the prescribed number of times per month. The study revealed that 29 (58%) of the respondents gave supplementary care to the children and that 26 (52%) of the respondents allowed their children to play with other children. However, 28 (56%) of the respondents had poor practices. The study findings imply that despite the respondents having medium-high knowledge on the condition and its' treatment, they still had negative attitudes and poor practices.
Infection control , Infection Control Measures --Zambia