Elucidation of the signalling pathway by the erectogenic bark of 'Loozi Luna Kasiika in Zambia

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Mukubesa, Andrew N.
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University of Zambia
The barks of the tree known as Loozi Luna Kasiika (LLK) are widely used as a sexual stimulant for treatment of erectile dysfunction. The biochemical pathway responsible for the physiological response was unknown and the goal was to explore the possible signalling pathway that may be involved. Although all along it has been widely used to boost erectile capacity, findings from the study could help to bring out other potential benefits of LLK previously unknown. An experimental study was undertaken to analyse the effects of LLK extracts on the levels of second messenger molecules 3’, 5’-cyclic Guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) in platelets, and also phytochemical analysis performed to find some compounds that brings about the effects. LLK extracts showed to contain flavonoids, alkaloids and glycosides which are assumed to contribute to its mechanism of action. It was found that LLK inhibits phosphodiesterase (PDE) enzymes and increased the levels of cGMP in the cell from an average of 3.2828 ± 0.0069 pmol/ platelets to 4.0273 ± 0.0056 pmol/ platelets. In contrast, LLK showed low effect on the NO synthesis. LLK prevents the hydrolysis of cGMP by inhibiting PDEs, hence increases the levels of cGMP in a cell, thereby making it a potent vasodilator
Thesis(MSc)-University of Zambia,2015
Sex Therapy , Impotence--Therapy , Impotence--Treatment , Impotence--Zambia , Herbs--Therapeutic use