The impact of Kotombora reformatory school on incarcerated juveniles, 1957-1990.

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Phiri, Rosebery
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The University of Zambia
The scope of the study revolves around the impact of Katombora Reformatory School on incarcerated Juveniles between 1957 and 1990. Firstly, the study traced the origin of juvenile incarceration in colonial Zambia from the police force which was the first custodian of in-mates to prison service or correctional service and reformatory. The study established that incarceration as a means of punishing juvenile offenders for committing crime changed to incarceration of juveniles with the view of giving them hope to live a normal life. This was done through the provision of education for juveniles who could progress academically and skills training to those juveniles who had challenges in progressing academically. Secondly, the study assessed the effectiveness of programmes at Katombora Reformatory School, such as the after care, spiritual welfare and education, outward Bound courses to foster the spirit of reasonable optimism in the youths in order to see a brighter future ahead of them. Outward bound courses involved youths from all walks of life taking part in special physical activities. These programmes were designed to equip inmates with survival skills to depend on upon discharge. These programmes greatly benefited juveniles through interaction with the community and the environment to develop a sense of belonging. Finally, the study examined the causes of recidivism among the juvenile offenders from Katombora reformatory School. Recidivism, in this regard was the process of re-offending. The factors which facilitated for the juveniles to commit crimes after being discharged from the reformatory were examined. Most of the recidivists who went to Katombora managed to be reformed. The study concluded that the establishment of Katombora Reformatory School had a positive impact on the juveniles incarcerated there between 1957 and 1990.
Juvenile delinquents--Rehabilitation. , Juvenile justice, Administration of.