An assessment of quality of customer service provision and satisfaction at Lafarge Zambia plc

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Nkhata, Chipo Rebecca
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The University of Zambia
This study was undertaken to assess the quality of customer service provision to Lafarge. The specific objectives were to establish the quality of customer service provision at Lafarge based on the SERVQUAL model, and to determine the extent of customer satisfaction with service provision at Lafarge. The customer service factors or variables which were used in the study to measure the level of customer service were derived from SERVQUAL model and these were assurance, responsive, reliability, tangibility and empathy; and these were incorporated in the research questionnaires. In order to conduct this investigation, the study adopted qualitative and quantitative methods following the descriptive design. The study sample comprised of 250 respondents sampled using purposive method from Lafarge retails in Kafue and Lusaka District. The research study was guided by the SERVQUAL model and four theories namely; Discrepancy theory, the Dissonance theory, the contract theory and the expectancy disconfirmation theory.The study adopted a questionnaire survey to collect data and the data was analyzed thematically and statistically using inferential and descriptive statistics. The findings from the study reveal that the general picture of customer service provision was good and met the expectations of customers. The result further indicated that there was a significant positive correlation among all the variables which led to the rejection of the null hypothesis. Therefore, the study recommended, among other things, that Lafarge Zambia Plc should make an arrangement at a certain period of time to conduct research on their customers towards the service they received from the complaints which can put Lafarge Zambia Plc in a better position to know the expectations from their customers in order to take measures to improve the services they received at the company. The company should also put priority to customer service by monitoring the quality of service, training of staff on customer service, and provision of logistics such as transport to its customers. Key words: Service Provision, SERVQUAL, Customer, satisfaction, quality, Lafarge Zambia Plc, expectations.
Customer service--Retention--Zambia