The Ministry of labour and social security and the progressive elimination of the worst forms of child labour : communication strategies

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Chooye-Madondo, Coreen
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This Practical Attachment Report (PAR) provides a detailed account of the attachee's observations, experiences and contributions made at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS)'s Child Labour Unit (CLU) of the Ministry's Department of Labour. The attachment, which was carried out between 1st November 2000 and 31st March 2001, was aimed at making a comprehensive analysis of the communication strategies used by the Ministry's Child Labour Unit in as far as elimination of the worst forms of child labour are concerned. The report reflects upon the commitment of the Government of Zambia, the MLSS in particular, in the elimination of child labour, which is a growing global concern. The functions and activities of the MLSS are examined in order to identify the Unit's commitment to the National Plan of Action on Child Labour. Findings of the attachment indicate that the Unit's main functions are capacity building, training, advocacy and networking. These identified functions are assessed in terms of the contributions they make to the child labour elimination efforts. The most cardinal analyses are made on the use of communication as a tool in sensitising the public regarding effects of child labour. The Practical Attachment Report (PAR) documents findings regarding the extent and trends of child labour, the underlying causes of the problem and what can be done through communication to alleviate the problem. The emphasis of the report is based on the vital role that communication plays in helping to alleviate the problem. The attachee made her observations and contributions for the MLSS's Child Labour Unit to realise effective communication strategies towards elimination of the worst forms of child labour. The methodology used is outlined in the appropriate section of the PAR. The principle recommendation made in this report is that, the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ), through the MLSS's Department of Labour and its CLU, should establish a wholly integrated communication system that embraces communication in all its activities and thereby increasing the capacity of Department and, the Unit in particular, in the progressive elimination the worst forms of child labour.
Child -- Employment -- Zambia , Labour policy -- Zambia