The need for guidance and counselling for female students at the University of Zambia

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Tembo, Minerva Kalwa.
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The purpose of this research was to investigate into the social and academic problems that confront female students during the course of their study at the University. The assumption in this research was that female students experienced problems in: (a)course work and study habits, (b)the making of friendships and close relationships, and (c)matters of health. It was further assumed that these problems could be resolved through special facilities of guidance and counselling. On the basis of this assumption an investigation into the supposed problems experienced by female students here at the University was conducted. In addition to this, a critical enquiry was made into the existing student personnel services, especially those made available to female students. This was made in order to assess the adequacy of such services for the type of problems that confronted female students. The questions which needed clarification in this research were the following: (a)What are the problems that confront female students at all levels of study in the University? (b)Are the existing facilities adequate to handle female student problems? If not, what are the inadequacies? (c)What should be done to improve these services in order to ensure that female student problems are effectively handled in the University of Zambia? METHOD:In order to collect the necessary data, the following research instruments were used. (1) A questionnaire was distributed to the total population of female students. Out of these, 300 questionnaires (50 percent of the total population) were analysed.
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