Study to determine factors contributing to recurrence of cholera in Kabwe urban.

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Kasoka, Johnathan C.
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This study was conducted to determine factors contributing to cholera outbreaks in Kabwe urban district.Literature on cholera in Latin America, Asia and Africa was reviewed and demonstrated that, cholera is a real public health problem worldwide. A cross sectional descriptive study was used to determine relationships among demographic data, social environmental factors and knowledge. The study was conduced in Makululu compound in Kabwe urban district. Stratified random sampling was used to stratify the compound into five zones and simple random sampling was used to select two zones where research was conducted. Systematic random sampling was used to pick the sample unit. The sample unit consisted of 50 households and heads of households or anyone aged 18 years and above as interviewed.Data was collected using a structured interview schedule. Data was analysed using a data master sheet and calculator. The findings were presented in frequency tables and cross tabulation. Some of the major results showed that despite most of respondents having high knowledge on cholera prevention did not put what they know into practice. The study also showed most of the respondents were females who had attained primary education, but had high knowledge on cholera.
Public health. , Cholera --Zambia. , Vulnerable Populations --Zambia. , Disease Outbreaks.