A Comparative Analysis of Narrative Technique and Plot Structure in two Zambian Novels: John Luangala’s The Chosen Bud and Malama Katulwende’s Bitterness

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Siluonde, Mwaka
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The University of Zambia
This study is a comparative analysis of narrative technique and plot structure in two Zambian novels. There are no available studies on the plot structure and narrative techniques of the two novels, John Luangala’s The Chosen Bud and Malama Katulwende’s Bitterness more especially a comparative analysis of the two. The aim of the study is to draw attention to areas of convergence and divergence in the plot structure and narrative technique of the two novels under analysis. The study is governed by three theories. These are the Formalist, Structuralist and Narratological theories. The study is a qualitative desk research. Four categories are used to deal with narrative technique and these are narrative time, narrative mood, narrative instance and narrative level. In terms of plot structure, the novels are subjected to a modified Freytag plot structure, Denise Paulme’s plot structure models and a scrutiny of whether they are simple or complex. When both the techniques and plot structures were compared the common discovery is that the novels show more similarities in their use of technique and plot structure than differences. They both have most of the techniques and plot structures concerned but with different ways and degrees of implementation and also with different roles. The similarities and differences are significant because they clearly show influence from western literature and oral African literature.
Fiction--Technique. , Plots (Drama, novel, etc.) , Fiction--Authorship. , Authors, Zambian--20th century