The Lord has chosen new wars : marianist brothers' contribution to moral and integral boys' education in Zambia (1966-1991).

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Muyuni, Audrey
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This research was based on the Lord has chosen new wars, Marianist Brothers’ contribution to moral and integral boys’ education in Zambia (1966-1991). The main purpose was to examine the contribution the Marianist Brothers made to moral and integral boys’ education in Zambia and how the utilisation of the five-fold Marianist charism pedagogy enhanced or did not enhance pupils’ lives after leaving the school. The study was guided by the following research objectives: to establish aspects of morality that have been integrated with education by Marianist Brothers of Matero Boys Secondary School (MaBoys), to examine how particular moral values in the education philosophy of the Marianist Brothers have shaped the way of life of MaBoys and to analyse the motives of Marianist Brothers’ selection of particular cornerstones of moral values. These objectives formed the main basis for the achievement of the study’s overarching purpose highlighted earlier. A qualitative methodology was utilized to gather data from participants using semi-structured interviews, focus group discussion and from documents. Key documents analysed using document analysis consisted of the world view of the Catholic and Marianist educational philosophies. The findings showed that at MaBoys, the Marianist education was the core of morality. The Marianist community of teachers integrated the pedagogical practices of the five-fold Marianist charism, which included education for adaptation and change, in their education philosophy and formed Christ in the souls of young boys. This was evident in that the Marianist imprint remained in the boys’ lives long after school. Their lives were transformed socially, spiritually and economically. The study concluded that in line with the Marianist Motto ‘Deeds not Words’ the boys at MaBoys had been transformed into visible words by their acts and behaviour after school. The motto signified the Marianist Brothers’ commitment in their mission to educate boys. The study recommended, among others, that since the current research investigated on the first twenty- five years with the original set up of the first Marianist Brothers, there was need for another study to review the current moral teaching integrated with the revised curriculum of 2013 at MaBoys, in the absence of the original pioneers.
Thesis of Doctor of Philosophy in Religius Studies.