An evaluation of catch up programme at Mazabuka primary school, Mazabuka district, Zambia.

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Mukunga, Michael.
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The University of Zambia
This study evaluated the efficacy of the Catch-Up remedial teaching programme in improving learners’ reading performance in Chitonga at Mazabuka primary school in Mazabuka district, Zambia. The research’s objectives were to; assess the teachers’ understanding of the Catch-Up programme, describe the teachers and learners’ experiences regarding remedial teaching/learning, evaluate the efficacy of Catch-Up remedial teaching in improving learners’ reading performance, and establish the challenges teachers were facing in implementing remedial teaching at Mazabuka primary school. This research was a single case study. Qualitative methods of data collection were used. The study engaged 29 participants who were purposively selected. Moreover, Mazabuka primary school was purposively selected because it is one of the schools that implements the Catch-Up remedial teaching programme in Zambia. The data collected through focus group discussions, interviews, and lesson observation was categorised and emerging themes were analysed by the researcher. The findings revealed that the number of learners who advanced to story level, the highest level in literacy remediation of the Catch-Up programme at Mazabuka primary school increased from 129 (baseline) to 199 (endline). It was also revealed that most of the teachers with appropriate training in Catch-Up had a general understanding of what remedial teaching was all about. Furthermore, most of the teachers and learners emphasised that remedial lessons were intellectually enriching experiences to them. Additionally, it was revealed that remedial teachers faced certain challenges in implementing remedial teaching. Some of the challenges mentioned included lack of trained human resource and timetabling of remedial lessons. The study among others recommends the training for both in-service and student teachers in remedial teaching. The study also recommends the motivation and counselling of learners on the significance of remedial lessons. These recommendations can help mitigate some of the challenges faced in implementing Catch-Up such as; lack of trained human resource, and negative attitude towards the programme.
Thesis of Master of Education in Applied Linguistics.