Training needs of Basic and high school managers in selected schools of Chongwe district

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Chiyongo, Vincent
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The purpose of this study was to assess the training needs of both basic and high school managers in selected schools of Chongwe District in Lusaka Province of Zambia. The study was intended to find out the extent to which school managers participated in determining their own training needs and identify constraints they encountered in meeting these needs. The study also focused on determining gender specific problems experienced by female school managers in meeting their own training needs.The researcher employed both quantitative and qualitative methods in the collection of data. Triangulation was used in order to verify the responses given during the study. In terms of theory, a comprehensive literature review was carried out to determine the work done in the area of educational management training. The literature review indicated that training needs were gaps in knowledge, skills, attitudes or behaviour. Furthermore, literature review revealed that effective educational management training programmes were those that were based on participants felt training needs. The findings of the study revealed that basic and high school managers needed training in educational administration and management. The skills in which school managers needed training included: financial management, human resource management, Information Communication and Technology (ICT), management of school assets, records management, delegation of duties, time management and communication skills. The study has also revealed that in addition to problems that school managers faced in meeting their own training needs there were gender specific problems that female school managers experienced in meeting their own training needs.It is recommended that educational management training of basic and high school managers should be based on identified training needs. Additionally, school managers should be involved in determining their own training needs. It is further recommended that the Ministry of Education (MOE) should come up with a policy of training all school managers so that qualified and empowered personnel do manage all basic and high schools in Zambia.
Teachers -- Training of -- Chongwe , Education -- Chongwe , School management and organization -- Chongwe , School administration teachers -- In-service training -- Chongwe