Orphans rights in accessing the educational support in selected public secondary schools in Lusaka, Zambia.

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Muleya, Gistered
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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS)
This study explored Orphans Rights in accessing the educational support in selected public secondary schools in Lusaka district. The study was guided by qualitative research methodology and case study design under pinned by three objectives namely: (i) describe the awareness of the rights on Educational support by the orphans and teachers, (ii) explore challenges faced by orphans’ in accessing education and (iii) explore strategies that should be put in place in order to allow them have access to education. .Emergent findings indicated that very feel learners were knowledgeable about the support system existing for them as orphans. Some teachers were aware of the educational support to be given to orphans but they were not sure if there was a policy in Zambia supporting such rights. The study revealed that orphans faced a lot of challenges in accessing education such as lack of sponsorship, Social stigma and Corruption in sponsorship awards. Among the measure to ensure that the orphans have access to education included, increased financial support system, enhancing collaboration among stakeholders, empowering orphans with diverse skills, and motivation ventures for well performing orphans. Thus, there is need for the relevant authority to coordinate organizations that look into the plight of orphans to come on board for support.
Orphans--Education--Zambia. , Orphans--Legal status. , Education support--Orphans--Zambia.