Blood Bank Management Information System

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Juma, Nazana
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The importance of blood in the existence of mankind cannot be over emphasized. It supplies all nutrients and oxygen in the body; it has been medically proven that no human being can survive without blood. It is for this reason that blood banks were introduced; to help in the collecting, separating, and storing blood. A blood bank is a place for stocking blood donations from donors. To provide web based communication there are numbers of online web based blood bank management systems that exists for communicating between department of blood centers and hospitals, to satisfy blood necessity, to buy, sale and stock the blood, to give information about this blood.Manual systems as compared to Computer Based Information Systems are time consuming, laborious, and costly .Automation systems and information technology can greatly help medical facilities to improve their working efficiency and optimize the whole workflow. The main objective of this project was to develop a blood management information system to assist in the management of blood donor records and ease/or control the distribution of blood in various parts of the country basing on the hospital demands. Without quick and timely access to donor records, creating market strategies for blood donation, lobbying and sensitization of blood donors becomes very difficult. The blood management information system offers functionalities to quick access to donor records collected from various parts of the country. It enables monitoring of the results and perform^ice of the blood donation activity such that relevant and measurable objectives of the organization can be checked. It provides to management timely, confidential and secure medical reports that facilitates planning and decision making and hence improved medical service delivery. The reports generated by the system give answers to most of the challenges management faces as far as blood donor records are concerned.The System was designed as a client/server and web-based system and implemented using open source solutions that include MySQL as the database and back-end storage engine, and PHP, HTML and JavaScript as the programming languages.
Information systems Management , Information Resource Management