Bacterial Liver Abscess

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Gill, G.V.
Kyle, I.W.
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Medical Journal of Zambia
Bacterial abscess of the liver receives scant attention compared to its amoebic counterpart. However, even with surgical drainage and antibiotic therapy the mortality rate of this condition is about 50%, and without such treatment 100% of patients die (Ostermiller and Carter,1967). There is also evidence that these unacceptable figures are due to failure or delay in diagnosis (Schraibman,1974; and Young,1976) and inadequate drainage at the time of operation (Block et. al., 1964). We are therefore recording in this paper our experiences with two cases of bacterial liver abscess which presented in a recent 18 month period, in order to highlight the difficulties in diagnosis and treatment of this obscure condition. Two cases of bacterial liver abscess presented to a hospital during an 18 month period. Both involved male caucasians who had been resident in Zambia for many years. The cases are recorded with a review of the recent literature. The difficulty in diagnosis and importance of adequate surgical drainage are stressed.
Experiences with two cases of bacterial liver abscess in Zambia.
Liver Abscess, bacterial---Zambia , Bacterial Liver Abscess---Zambia , Abscess, Hepatic---Zambia
Gill, G.V. and Kyle, I.W. (1977). Bacterial Liver Abscess - A diagnostic problem. Medical Journal of Zambia. 11 (6)