Climate change awareness for future climate change governance among youths in Luanshya district, Zambia.

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Mwanza, Evans
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The University of Zambia
This study evaluated the effectiveness of climate change awareness done to youths in Luanshya District so as to prepare them in future climate change governance. The objectives of the study were: to identify the methods of climate change awareness available to youths in Luanshya District, to examine the youth’s involvement in projects of climate change importance in Luanshya District, to evaluate the effectiveness of the climate change governance training done to youths in Luanshya District, Zambia, to assess the preparedness of youths for climate change governance in Luanshya District, Zambia. The aim of the study was to explore levels of awareness of climate change among youths as a way assessing the effectiveness of climate change governance for future climate change governors. Qualitative and quantitative approaches were used in the study while descriptive and case study designs were also adopted to (n = 160) randomly selected respondents who were drawn from four purposively selected townships within Luanshya District. The townships were: Mpatamatu, Roan, Mikomfwa and Fisenge respectively. Case study enabled the use of research questions and also helped the researcher to use more than one method of data collection for validation and in a natural setting. Further, its findings were detailed and could not be generalized. They helped the researcher to use more than one method of data collection, in natural setting. Further, its findings are detailed while descriptive design helped in measuring the hypothesis. The chi- square and descriptive statistics were used to analyze data. Four key informants were also purposively selected from different ministries and later interviewed. The results indicated that youths felt the awareness methods used were not effective 45 percent, 25 percent thought they were effective while 13 percent agreed that the methods were very effective respectively. Further, the results revealed that, Luanshya had no deliberate programmes aimed at preparing the youths for climate change governance. On insufficient information: Mpatamatu recorded 87 percent; Roan had 95 percent, Mikomfwa 40 percent and Fisenge 93 percent.In conclusion, despite having many youths who attended formal education and having participated in climate change awareness programmes, insufficiency in climate change knowledge showed that the climate change awareness among youths was not effective. Ministries that work with youths need to partner in order to plan how to introduce more modes of climate change awareness and need to revamp the programme for it to be effective. The youths need to engage in effective climate change awareness for them to be equipped in future governance and develop interest in climate change campaign. Keywords: Climate change, climate awareness, Luanshya District, climate governance
Master of science (Msc) Environmental and natural resources management
Climate change awareness--Effectiveness of. , Climate awareness. , Climate change--Awareness--Zambia. , Climate change--Zambia.