Learner academic performance in both private and public schools: A case of selected schools in Kitwe district

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Banda, Mary
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University of Zambia
This study was meant to explore learner academic performance in public and private Schools, a case of selected schools in Kitwe District using the following objectives namely ;to a certain main factors that affects the academic performance of learners at both private and government school ,to assess difference in the academic performance of learners of private and public schools , to establish availability of schools equipment/facilities in private and public primary schools and to compare qualification of teachers in private and public primary schools in selected schools in Kitwe District. Four (4) primary schools were chosen and the choice was based on the status of the school (government funded or not), therefore two schools were government funded and two (2) were private. From each of the four (4) sampled schools, 10 teachers (5 males and 5 females) from each of the selected primary schools were picked as respondents for the study. Teachers handling examination classes were considered on this part. The Instruments used were Semi Structured Interview guide and Self-Administered Questionnaires which were given for the respondents to answer and later the researcher was given the answered questionnaiers which the researcher used for analysis. Both quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis were employed in this study. The quantitative data from questionnaires were analysed using the computer generated tables of frequencies and percentages to describe distributions of the variables which were presented in the form of tables. The findings of the study were inter alia that the geographical location of the school, quality of the teaching staff , the size of the class and availability of certain facilities normally leads to good academic performance among the learners. The conclusions were that a good learning environment plays an important role in the learning life of a person and this is characterized by some of the following depending on the immediate community, subjects demand etc. Finally it was recommended that The District Education Officer (DEBS) should go to private schools to check on the facilities which the public schools do not have and compile a report to which should be sent to the higher offices for the ministry to consider improve these conditions in the public schools and the provincial Educational officer should be going round the schools to check on the number of learners a teacher handles per class.
Master of Education in Educational Management
Public schools--Zambia , Private schools--Zambia , Academic achievement -- Zambia