Study to determine factors contributing to recurrence of cholera in lusaka urban.

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Chibale, Winstone Musonda.
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Lusaka District, the Capital City of Zambia records the biggest number of Cholera cases in every outbreak. From 1989 up to date Lusaka District has been experiencing outbreaks of cholera every rain season. In all outbreaks lives are lost and in addition to this, part of the limited available funds and medical resources in the country are transferred each time there is an outbreak to fight cholera. It is in this light that the study to determine factors contributing to recurrence of cholera in Lusaka Urban was necessary. A sample size of 60 households and 40 health workers was selected for the study. Households were from four shanty compounds known to be vast and with more cases of cholera in each outbreak. These were George, Kanyama, Chawama and Chaisa compounds. The health staff were from George, Kanyama, Chawama and Civic Centre clinic. Therefore 15 households were picked from each of the compounds and 10 health staff from each of the health centres. A descriptive cross sectional survey was carried out. The data was collected by use of a structured interview schedule for households while a self administered questionnaire was used for health staff. A multi stage sampling method used in the study to pick the compounds, households and health staff. The study findings revealed that most people in the communities are knowledgeable on many aspects of cholera but the knowledge has not been put into practice. The study reveals that inadequate manpower and transport has made it very difficult for health workers to participate in prevention and control of cholera. Politicians have been found to play a role in indiscriminate street vending and increased illegal settlements. The major recommendations in view of the results of the study focuses on intensifying Health education with emphasis on correction of the belief by communities that prevention and control of cholera is a responsibility of health workers and local authorities.
cholera. , cholera --lusaka urban.