The Effects of the Extension of the Basic Education Sector on Classrooms,Pupils' learning needs and Teachers in Selected Basic Schools of Lusaka District

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Maina, Ngandu kaleba
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This study investigated the effects of the expansion of the basic education sector on classrooms, pupils' learning needs and teachers, and it looked into strategies that might alleviate negative effects of the expansion. The study used both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis. The main research instruments used were; questionnaires and interview guides. The sample for the research was 6 basic schools, education authorities at district and provincial offices in Lusaka as well as officials at the Ministry of Education (MoE) Headquarters. Data were collected through questionnaires which were administered to pupils and teachers through interviews. Focus Group Discussions were used to collect data from the pupils. Other sources of data included reviewing of school documents such as report forms and class registers. Among the major findings of the study with regard to negative effects of expansion of basic education were: lack of adequate infrastructure to cope with increased numbers of pupils and lack of trained teachers to cater for higher grades in basic schools. The study also found the need for existing teachers to undergo in-service training in order for them to be able to rise to the challenge of teaching higher grades than those they were initially trained for. The study has established that negative effects of the expansion of basic education are not only confined to pupils but that they extend to the teaching personnel as well. Therefore, the research recommends that government continue to build new classroom blocks and teacher housing units in conjunction with other stakeholders such as the PTA. The government has further been urged to consider training of more teachers to match with the increasing demand for their services in expanded basic schools.
Pupils' Learning Needs , Teachers Learning Needs , Pupils' learning needs-Classroom expansion-Basic Schools