Awareness of child protection among children in selected schools in Munali constituency Lusaka.

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Munyima, Ui
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The University of Zambia
This study aimed at assessing children’s level of awareness on child protection in Munali Constituency. The objectives that guided the study were: to examine the knowledge children in Munali Constituency have on child protection; to explore sources of knowledge on child protection among children in Munali Constituency and to establish the [in]adequacy of knowledge on child protection among children in Munali Constituency. This study was anchored by positivism and interpretivism, a mixed methods approach was used to help the research findings be meaningfully explained. The sample size for the total population was 328 using probability sampling. 34 (30 pupils and 4 key informants) participants were selected using non-probability sampling from Kalingalinga, Chakunkula and Chamba Valley Primary School’s. Data was collected using questionnaires, a focus group discussion guide and interview guides. The main findings of this study was that the levels of awareness of child protection among children in the selected schools in Munali Constituency was low. Children had little knowledge on child protection and had no idea how to protect themselves from abuse. Children who heard about child protection mentioned that they heard about it from school which was the highest source of knowledge mentioned at 31.1%. Majority of the children admitted that they were only hearing about it and what it encompasses the day of the data collection. 82.32% mentioned that they needed to learn more on child protection because the knowledge they had on child protection was inadequate. The study concluded that the lack of proper in-depth information on child protection as well as safe spaces to report cases of abuse are the major explanations for the low levels of awareness in Munali Constituency. The study suggested that children need undergo extensive education of children’s rights in protecting themselves and improving awareness. There is also need to provide proper and safe channels for children to be able to report any abuse without fear. Keywords: Child Protection, Children, Abuse
Master of Arts Degree in Development Studies
Children's rights. , Child protection. , Children abuse--Zambia.